Bed Liners

Xtreme Bed Liners

Banks Auto is proud to help you enhance your Chevrolet pickup truck in New Hampshire with a spray-on bed liner from Xtreme Liners. But, bed liners aren’t just for trucks! Whether you want extra protection for your truck or any other surface, a spray-on bed liner is the perfect enhancement.

Why do you need a bed liner?

If you do a lot of hauling, your truck bed can easily get dinged up by cargo. A liner provides extra protection. Without a liner, your truck bed is also exposed to the elements here in New Hampshire, such as road salt, caustic sea spray, rocks, and other debris on the road. If you want your truck bed to last as long as possible without rusting or denting, it’s a good idea to install a bed liner.

Bed liners can be applied to many different vehicles and objects beyond pickup trucks and heavy haulers. Maybe you want to protect your boat trailer from the harsh elements of salt water. Or, you may want to protect your shop floor from damage, make it safer for employees, and give it a more professional look. Or maybe you are looking to give your shop, truck, trailer or boat that custom-applied look? A bed liner from Banks Autos can meet any of these needs.

What are spray-on bed liners?

When installed on a truck, a bed liner goes on top of the metal surface and protects it from damage. A spray-on bed liner is a liquid coating made of polyurethane that is sprayed on and hardens, creating a thick, airtight seal.

Spray-on bed liners are typically higher quality than drop-in liners, and they’ll last much longer. Drop-ins can be noisy and not look as professional; in contrast, spray-on liners look seamless, and they can’t rattle like a drop-in does.

If you’re looking to add protection to your truck bed here in Concord, a spray-on liner from Xtreme Bed Liners is the way to go. Since we make our own chemicals, we know that we have the industry’s strongest bed liner.

Why Xtreme Liners?

Xtreme Liners has been a leader in the bed liner industry for over 30 years, providing durable spray-on bed liners that give years of protection to pickup trucks, heavy-duty trucks, flatbeds, dump trucks, and custom-built work trucks. Plus, they’re expertly installed by trained technicians like our team at Banks Autos. We take high-pressure spraying seriously and have been spraying polyurethane products and bed liners for almost two decades.

These liners can also be applied to all kinds of materials beyond just metal, including wood and cement. The company has developed products for high-pressure spraying systems that support many other industries, including manufacturing, marine, construction, agriculture, and oil & gas. Xtreme Liners manufactures a coating product for just about every application that your imagination can muster.

The versatility of our high-pressure spraying system is almost endless. Whether you need a liner for your work truck fleet or personal recreation items, Xtreme is the perfect option.

How much do Xtreme Liners cost?

Pricing will vary from job to job, depending on what you need lined. We can line pretty much anything, from flower pots (yes, we have lined flower pots) to boats. Maybe you want to spray your truck for rust protection, waterproofing, skid resistance, impact protection or just for looks. Whatever the reason, we can help you out.

We offer the industry’s finest warranty and are constantly researching new spray-on products, striving to provide our customers with new and better ways to deliver spray-on bed liners and other products that meet their needs.

For more information contact Kyle at (603) 229-4062.