How to Properly Maintain Your GM Vehicle | Concord, NH


Banks Autos is the place to go for all your car’s maintenance needs in Concord, New Hampshire. You’ll get reliable service to keep your General Motors vehicle in great shape. Here are some routine maintenance services you can get at Banks Autos and some you can do at home for your Chevrolet, Buick or GMC model to help it stay on the road and working great for years to come.

Oil and filter change

Everyone knows you need to get the motor oil and filter changed regularly. Flushing the oil and replacing it with fresh, clean oil allows the liquid to lubricate the engine better, which prevents friction and overheating. Check your car’s owner’s manual to see about how often you should schedule an oil change.
You should also check the oil level every month to make sure it’s filled and doesn’t look too dirty. Motor oil should be golden in color. If it is dark or gritty, needs to be flushed and replaced with clean oil.

Fluid levels

Along with the motor oil, there are a lot of other fluids in your vehicle that you should check about once a month. Coolant is a big one; it keeps your car from overheating in the summer or freezing in the winter. If you’re low on coolant, it can lead to engine damage.
You should also check the brake fluid and windshield washer fluid, power steering fluid, and transmission fluid. If any of these are under-filled or look dirty, schedule service with Banks Autos to have the lines flushed or inspected for leaks.


Tires need more attention than you might think. The air levels inside them can fluctuate greatly with the temperature, so it’s important to check the air pressure all the time. You should also check the tread depth for wear. If you see wear bars showing, it’s time for new tires.
Tires should also be rotated about every six months, meaning the position of the tires should be swapped to different wheels. This helps ensure the tread wears evenly, making for better performance and longer tire life. Ask your technician at Banks Auto to add a tire rotation onto your oil change appointment.


There are a lot of components to your car’s brake system, including the brake pads and calipers. Both of these will need replaced every couple of years or less, depending on how much you drive and how hard you brake. If you notice decreased braking power, the brakes feel spongy, or you hear squealing noises when you press the pedal, head to the Banks Auto service department to have them inspected.


Keep an eye on the belts, such as the serpentine belt. If you notice that any of the belts are fraying or damaged, head to the dealership right away to get them replaced. The last thing you want is the serpentine belt, which powers the alternator and steering, to snap while you’re driving.

Wash and wax

One thing you don’t need the dealership service department for is keeping your car clean and protected from the elements. Get your car washed and waxed about every three months, either at a drive-through car wash in Concord or doing it yourself in your driveway. Keeping it clean of dirt and buildup helps avoid rust, and a good wax will give the body panels extra protection from scrapes and fading.

Windshield wipers

This is another easy maintenance task to do at home. You should change he windshield wipers once or twice a year, typically when you notice them leaving streaks or skipping across the windshield glass. Especially going into the rainy spring and fall seasons in Concord, you’ll want fresh wipers for the best visibility.

Schedule an appointment with Banks Autos in Concord, NH for any of these maintenance needs to keep your Chevrolet, Buick, or GMC vehicle in great condition.



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